Sir Clive Sinclair

One of the most famous British born inventors of all time. He launched his first mass-market consumer product in 1962. An expert at miniaturization, Sir Clive has brought to mass market more than 100 highly innovative consumer products through various companies such as Sinclair Radionics and Sinclair Research. Examples of his famous products include the world’s first pocket television in 1966, the world’s first pocket calculator in 1972 and the UK's best-selling personal computer of all time in 1982.


Dr David Levy - Chairman


British International Master of chess who is noted for his involvement with both computer chess and artificial intelligence. He is President of the International Computer Games Association and the founder of the Computer Olympiads as well as the Mind Sports Olympiads. David has also written more than 50 books on computer games, A.I., and robotics.



Suzanne Martin - Managing Director

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Dr Janko Music-Flogel - Technical Director 

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