Zx Spectrum Vega - Original

Zx Spectrum Vega - Original

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Over 1,000 built in officially licensed Spectrum games including some of the top games! Connects to both your TV's USB port (for power) and its video / audio inputs (for the signal) no other cables are needed. Comes complete with ready-mapped buttons for all included games, as well as the option of using the in-built virtual keyboard. SD card compatible, so if there's a specific gaming missing from this list, you can easily add it using an SD card.

  • Simple 'Plug and Play' system and allows you to play almost any Spectrum game via its micro SD Card slot. Well-known retro gaming sites carry tens of thousands of titles that you can legally download.

  • Mains operated.

  • Size H15, W10, D2cm.

  • Manufactured in the UK

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